Travel to Russia for an Enchanting Experience

Russia is one of the most enchanting places in the world that has been looked upon with awe and wonder. It’s a huge region spread across two continents and has over eleven time zones that map out to its regions, you’ll need careful planning as a single trip will not be enough to look through the cultural & architectural marvels and the scenic beauty.The are many beautiful places to visit and the best time to target your Russia Travel plans is the summer months May-June as the winter can be really harsh. These months often experience “White Nights” when the sun doesn’t set completely for most parts of the night. Let us take a look at some of the most sought after tourist places and spots in Russia:Moscow is Russian extravagance at its best. This is still a very popular travel destination for travelers across the globe due to its rich culture, beautiful palaces, informative museums, and gourmet restaurants. Must see spots include:· Red Square – This utterly famous public square probably defines Moscow and is also the center of Russia and you should never miss this famous Russian landmark.· St. Basil’s Cathedral – Situated on the southern side of the Red Square, is the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral. This 16th Century bonfire style structure was built by Ivan the Terrible is a vibrantly colored structure consisting of 9 chapels.· The Kremlin – The famous citadel (or Kremlin) is the official residence of the Russian President and is situated in the center, off Red Square.If you have ample time there are a lot of other magnificent places to be visited in Moscow like The Bolshoi Theatre, GUM Department Store, Tretyakov Gallery or the Kuskovo Estate etc.St. Petersburg This can be aptly said to be the dividing between the eastern and western Russia and the Venice of the North and has a distinctive European flavor. Russian is the predominant language, though the hotels may use some English. There are many cultural and gourmet classics to be enjoyed in this lovely Russian city· Hermitage Museum & the Winter Palace – The colossal museum was set up in the 18th century by Catherine the Great for her art collection. This is one of the world’s most famous and interesting museums.· Nevsky Prospect – This most important street in St. Petersburg and runs through the center of the city, it has many beautiful structures like the Kazan cathedral or Dom Kingie bookstores and is the commercial and entertainment center.· Sochi – This longest city in Europe is also called the “Black Sea Pearl”. It’s got beautiful sea-shore on one side and the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains on the other. This is also the home city for the 2014 Olympics.The other places of interest which you should target during your Russia travel is Lake Baikal, a banana shaped sparkling freshwater lake; the far eastern Kamchatka hot springs, on the Kamchatka Peninsula with its exotic natural beauty; Kizhi Islands with historic monuments, which are part of the island museum.Plan your trip in a way that you should get a flavor of the exotic Russian culture by watching a ballet or an opera, taste the world-famous Russian cuisine as well as visit the historical sites and the natural wonders of the Russian land. I’m sure you’ll come back planning your next trip back!

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